So this is justice?

First act of Zionist 'justice': Three Israeli boys are killed by someone, and Israel within minutes has solved the case to insist it is Hamas, without any evidence whatsoever. Tel Aviv says it is Hamas, so Hamas it has to be. And the stage is set for what is to follow.

Second act of Zionist 'justice': Denials by Hamas of course fall on deaf ears, and a young Palestinian boy is abducted by the Israeli state forces and burnt alive. Palestinian homes on the borders are attacked and in defence Hamas fires rockets that do not take a single Israeli life.

Third act of Zionist 'justice': Israel sets in its fighter jets and starts bombing the Palestinians living in Gaza. A people without weapons, without arms, without trenches or shelters are exposed to Israeli missiles fired from the air, land and sea. Women and children are the worst hit, hundreds are injured, thousands displaced. Little children playing on a beach are killed in front of international reporters by Israeli missiles. The message clearly is: no one is above Zionist justice, be they innocent, women or children.

Fourth act of Zionist 'justice': A humiliating, one sided, miserable ceasefire proposal is mooted by the US satellite Egypt and predictably rejected by the Palestinians. Israel and its supporters insist Hamas has rejected it but every single Palestinian — except perhaps for Mahmoud Abbas and a handful of his men — in West Bank and Gaza came out against the proposal, insisting that it was totally unacceptable. So Israel moved in its ground forces killing hundreds, injuring now thousands, displacing countless. Disability centres, the main hospital all are being attacked as the Israeli troops effect mass arrests, and gun down anything they see moving in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calls this ugly, inhuman aggression that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and that is fast acquiring the dimensions of the Holocaust, 'retribution'!

How does Israel get away with genocide?

First, because of the Arab world.

Saudi Arabia, the one country that exports religion to every nook and cranny of the world, is a friend of both the US and Israel. The ruling royal family has not said a word against Israel or in support of the Palestinians being massacred in Gaza. Its only response has been to support Egypt's ceasefire proposal.

Egypt under al-Sisi has swung around to a pro-Israel, pro-US position. The falsity of its concerns with peace are clear in its refusal to open the roads to Gaza so that the Palestinians can escape the attack. Right now they are trapped in this huge 'concentration camp' with no passage to escape the Israeli ground and air offensive with Egypt making no move to give even the women and children a way out. Not just this, it has been actively stopping aid from reaching the Palestinians, including medical supplies that are urgently needed, and food.

In this current conflict Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and the Arab League can take direct credit for the genocide.

Turkey under Erdogan has spoken out for the Palestinians, and along with Qatar has rejected Egypt's proposal. Where this will go, one has to wait and watch although in the current crisis these are perhaps the only two countries that have spoken for the Palestinians, and are prepared to negotiate for them.

Iran, Iraq and Syria were the three countries before the US invasion of Iraq that has set into motion a new and violent dynamics in the region, that had been supporting the Palestinians with what little they could. Syria not as much, but even so was more on the side of the pro-Palestinian block than otherwise but is now completely occupied with own conflict within, with the rebels supported by the US, Israel and of course Saudi Arabia.

Iraq has become a terrorists haven, with the march of the ISI militants across the hapless country adding to the deaths, destruction and instability.

Iran under strict sanctions is barely in position to do more than pay lip service to the cause, as its legitimacy in the world has been cleverly eroded through a sustained campaign by both the US and Israel.

In short the US has sanitised West Asia of anti-Israel resistance, slowly but surely in a strategy that has effectively and very cleverly linked this political strategic goal to that of control over oil and natural resources.

Second because of the US and its allies, including India

The Americans, who are able to lead the United Nations by the nose, have ensured that world governments are on the same side as Israel. This despite the visible chism between the position taken by the governments, and the people thousands of whom have been coming on to the streets to protest in the western capitals of the world. A particularly large demonstration had France banning — democracy? — anti-Israel demonstrations even as these governments all justified Israel's attack on Gaza as a "necessary act of retaliation."

Not a single world power, be it the US, China or Russia, has condemned Israel in real terms with the former supporting it totally, at every step of the way, and the other two preferring to stay out of it altogether. India of course is on the same lines, not willing to risk its friendship with Israel for the sake of a few thousand dead Palestinians. The BRICS statement signed by all these countries, including Brazil, was a case in point as while it spoke of a two state solution it did not have even one line condemning the ongoing Israeli attack on Gaza. Not a word as if the statement was in isolation, and there were no atrocities being perpetrated by Israel on the Palestinians.

Third, because of the media

This is one of the main reasons why the pressure on governments, Arab or West, is off. The media owned and managed by corporates across the world has decided to support every lie by Israel as against every truth by the Palestinians. Except for some honest journalists, and a few progressive newspapers and television channels, the majority is 'rah rahing' the ongoing genocide without questions asked. Every bomb hurled by Israel that kills little children and women in Gaza is justified by this media as a retaliation against 'terrorist' Hamas. Like Israel this embedded media does not stop to point out that Hamas was elected by the Palestinians and in fact offered a ten year truce if its prisoners were released and the Palestinians were given passage to go in and out of Gaza by the opening of routes through Egypt. Completely reasonable demands rejected by Israel and its supporters, with the media helping to present these as 'unreasonable' and hence 'unacceptable.'

The media has been unfair and unjust to the Palestinians since decades now. It reports 'facts' that are not present on the ground, and twists the truth so that Hamas is presented as a terrorist organisation. Hamas has spent its time fighting for the rights of its people who elected it democratically, in polls that were recognised as free and fair by international observers in Gaza. And Hamas has till this date not committed a single terror attack outside, in any other country, having nothing to do with terror groups like the al Qaeda and others that all Palestinians abhor. But this question is not asked by the media, and hence no inconvenient answers obtained from those who speak of Hamas and al Qaeda in the same breath.

Palestinians are highly progressive Arabs, who despite the pressure from Israel and the world have never even been remotely tempted to make common cause with the terror groups floating around in that part of the world. Palestinians have remained committed only to one point: their homeland and are struggling for this. The rocket attacks by Hamas are not terror attacks, this is the only 'military' that the Palestinians have to protect themselves from constant Israeli abuse, with the current attack a horrifying demonstration of state terror in its worst form.